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How does each country employ the talents of its warriors who are women? Are women optimized or pigeonholed? Fortify your facts for conversations still going strong today.

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    “This research was difficult to internalize, especially as the project culminated 6 months before my own service started.
    ”I'm pleased that 20 years later, my own children will have more opportunity than I did in the military.
    "However, reading this was like a time capsule: there is still so much to be done. Share your thoughts."


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    What you get:

    You'll read a project astonishingly relevant again, as conversations about women in the military haven't stopped.
    Most recently, the military is evaluating and reevaluating its physical fitness test for equity.
    Take a look at the arguments presented here, then let me know what you think!

    What is it all about?

    Women's roles in the military differ from country to country. Find out how the Israeli Army and the US Army employ their warriors - and what the writer concluded could change.
    As this is dated 1999, you'll find a lot of changes have already taken place - but others have not.
    Enjoy this step back in time - unbelievably relevant today.